Much Ado about Groceries…

We have made so much noise about groceries and how to get them at affordable prices. Makes you wonder…what exactly are groceries?

A grocery store is a store that sells primarily food- perishable and non-perishable- fresh foods, or foods that are canned, bottled or boxed.  They also deal in fresh produce, butchers, delis, and bakeries depending on the size.

Produce refers to farm produced crops which remain in the same state as when harvested. They include: fruits and vegetables, meats, grains. Produce is the main product sold by grocers.

So what’s the difference between a grocery store, a supermarket and a convenience store?

A grocery store sells purely produce

A Supermarket sells foods and other household items – kitchenware, household cleaners, pharmacy products, and supplies.

A Convenience stores sell groceries, snacks, confectionary, toiletries, e.t.c. they are usually located at very convenient locations (hence their name) such as filling stations.

At Leecious Groceries, we sell  fresh produce in their natural state- fruits,  vegetables, yams, garri, rice, chicken, Fish, beef, e.t.c.


We understand that many people hate the thought of going to the market to buy stuff, but are constrained to because of the prevailing economic situation.

We can help you get the produce you desire from the farms straight to your kitchen. To do this, we liaise with farmers all over Nigeria to provide you with the freshest produce, convenience and affordability all at once.

The picture above is an example of the store we at Leecious Groceries hope to have one day.

Why struggle with market hopping when Leecious Groceries can make your shopping experience very easy?

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