Ginger Tea

I’ve been going on and on about the importance of ginger, but I don’t want you to take my word for it. Go try it yourself!

At work, almost all my colleagues now drink Ginger Tea flavored with Cinnamon sticks. Funny, It all started when i took a flask of this tea to work one morning. I took a walk during my break time and a colleague asked me to please help him buy a sachet of Ginger Tea. Unfortunately, I forgot so when I got back I decided to appease him as he really had a cold and needed the relief of Tea.


So I gave him my flask and told him the content- Ginger slices,  a cinnamon Stick and hot water. I also gave him a jar of honey and told him to enjoy. He did and by the next day, he told me how relieved he felt and asked for some more. Needless to say, many other “Cinnaman drinkers” (that’s what we call it) have been faithful to the tea each day.

Here’s the recipe for this awesome tea.

You Need:

1 ginger root (sliced up or grated)

1 stick of cinnamon (optional)

1 slice of lemon (optional)

mint leaves (optional)

1 tablespoon of honey

a kettle of hot water

a teapot or flask with a strainer


Grate or slice the ginger. While at work, I just slice up the ginger after removing the skin and pop it into the flask (my flask has a strainer).

add the cinnamon stick to the ginger.

add your mint leaves if using.

Pour hot water over the cinnamon and ginger and leave to steep for a few minutes (especially if you sliced the ginger as it may take a while for the flavor to kick in). The longer you leave to steep the stronger the flavor of the cinnamon/mint/ginger.

Pour into your mug or tea cup, add a spoonful of honey and pop in a slice of lemon for good measure.

Sit back and enjoy your healthy refreshing Ginger Tea

This tea helps ward off the flu an makes you feel really good too!


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