3 Ingredient vegetable salad

Hello people,

What have you been up to since our last post up here?

At Leecious Groceries, we’ve had so many changes and developments, for good of course and we can’t wait to roll them out.

So the other day we were tired of the regular meals and wanted something different. We decided to go for some fried plantains and salad. My daughter dislikes plantain so we made noodles and salad for her and added a side of plantain which she gobbled up (lol).


We opened the refrigerator and found we had only cabbage, cucumbers and lettuce and went ahead to make and eat the most delicious simple salad yet.

3 major ingredients you need for this 3 minute salad are:

1. A small cabbage head

2. A small Lettuce head

3. One medium cucumber.

We topped it with some boiled eggs and some red grapes. Yum yum yum!

Meal Prep:

Peel off the back of the cabbage then rinse. In a large bowl, pour some water to soak the cabbage and add a cap of vinegar to the water.  Soak the cabbage in vinegar water and set aside.

Peel the lettuce leaves and rinse out. Add the rinsed out lettuce to the cabbage soaking in the vinegar solution.

Top and tail the cucumber, then peel off the skin ( This is optional- I hate to see the green skin in my food). Divide the cucumber into two equal halves and take out the seeds. Rinse out and soak in vinegar solution.


Take out the cabbage from the vinegar solution, drain off the chop it finely. Sprinkle a pinch of salt over the cut cabbage and massage it in thoroughly. Set aside.

Take out the lettuce from the solution and drain off excess water.

Pull out leaves from the stalk and using your fingers, tear the lettuce into mouth-sized pieces. Set aside.

Take out the cucumber and drain out. Chop it up into tiny pieces and set aside.

In your preferred salad bowl, mix in the chopped cabbage, cucumber and lettuce.

Sprinkle some black pepper, dried parsley leaves and add a dash of olive oil and your salad is ready to eat.

You can top it like I did with some boiled eggs (for protein) and grapes for crunch and sweetness.


My husband had his dinner with some salad cream, I had mine without. For some weird reason, I can’t put up the picture 🤔.




This is what my daughter had for dinner and the plate was clean within minutes.


Will you try out this very easy recipe? Let us know what you think about it. Would you add anything else to it?

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