3 Ingredient vegetable salad

Hello people, What have you been up to since our last post up here? At Leecious Groceries, we’ve had so many changes and developments, for good of course and we can’t wait to roll them out. So the other day we were tired of the regular meals and wanted something different. We decided to go…

The African Star Apple

Agbalumo, the African star apple is in season again. Many people call it the Agbalumo (Yoruba language name for the fruit) or Udara (by the Ibos). In Ghana, it is known as Alasa. While many people have a love-hate relationship with this delicious-yet-sometimes-sour fruit, we think you really must have a fair portion before it…

Avocado Banana Smoothie

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. I know its been a log time, but I went on a hiatus for solid reasons (to grow the family) and I’m back and better. Thank you to all for not giving up on me.  If you are new here, welcome to this beautiful space. This morning while making…

Rainy Season produce- Corn

“Every season has fruits that are designed to sustain us humans within that period”. It was my sister who first told me this many years ago and till date I find myself looking out for the fruits and veggies in season and guessing what benefits each has in store.

Chicken or beef stir-fry

“The beauty of stir-fry is there is no hard and fast rule to making it and you don’t have to use all the ingredients (veggies) in the recipe. As long as you have at least 4 different veggies, you are good to go”

Tomatoes- Benefits and Preservation

The tomato is a wonderfully popular and versatile food that comes in over a thousand different varieties that vary in shape, size, and color. There are small cherry, bright yellow/tangerine, bright red, Italian pear-shaped, green, purple, brown and black tomatoes. They are botanically classified as a fruit, but due are not as sweet as other…

Ginger Tea

This tea helps ward off the flu an makes you feel really good too!

GINGERed up!

Ginger is one of the healthiest and most delicious spice loaded with nutrients that are beneficial to both the body and brain. Ginger has been used for its medicinal properties for so many years now.  studies have shown that increasing the consumption of ginger helps to reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity and heart disease…

World Egg Day

Today is World Egg Day! I bet you didn’t know there was something like that? Well, World Egg Day is usually celebrated every 2nd Friday in October. The very first one was celebrated in 1996 and since then on every world egg day, events are held all around the world to celebrate the egg. Sadly,…

How we operate

“…We believe in providing top notch food and drink from carefully selected farms all over Nigeria just for you….”